Improvements in SmarterAngel v0.17 Results

3 min readAug 18, 2021

Recently a few upgrades were made to SmarterAngel’s visualization for stock & cryptocurrency prediction /analysis results.

Here’s how to read them:

1. Stock Price Prediction Graph. The prediction graph for stock/ cryptocurrency opening prices now includes more information and is also more zoomed-in to show the improved predictions from our AI. For example, the value predicted for BTC-CAD for 17–08–2021 was only 0.14% off from the actual opening price seen later that day. So far all stock opening prices have been found to be within the 1–3% range of the values predicted by our AI. When prediction graphs from 2 consecutive Algorithms (Algo 1&2, Algo 2&3, or Algo 3&1) overlap significantly, the error for that stock’s price is expected to reduce even further, to within ±1% error range, and has a very likely chance of the prediction being highly accurate.

Older version of the Stock Price Prediction graph on the left, and New version on the right.

2. Perception Score Graph. The perception score graph is now even more accurate than before. The graph now also shows dates for the score to help compare values to previous values within the week. Perception Score tracks internet chatter and people’s perception about the particular stock within the last week if any, even during non-trading days, and how much it is likely to effect the market prices. A sudden rise/drop in the graph means an increase/decrease in price should be expected in the next 1~2 days. This score detects Unexpected Events slightly in advance and combined with the above prediction graph helps guide short-term trades.

Older version of the Perception Score graph on the left, and New, more accurate, version on the right.

3. Long Term Analysis Graph. The long term graphs now have better accuracy and readability. The graph for past Unexpected Events has been removed from the bottom after we thoroughly tested the results to make sure that those events do not have a significant impact on the future prices or events.
The Bull-Bear Cycle is now easier to follow, to analyze the general rise/fall of a stock price over long periods of time, up to 2 years. It is important to note that the Bull-Bear Cycle does not show actual prices of the stock, but rather the behavior that the stock price is expected to follow over a certain period of time, divided here into 30-day intervals. Bull is when the price is generally rising and Bear when its dropping within that interval, shown by vertical grid lines. An almost flat horizontal line within a 30-day interval indicates slow progress during that period. The detected pattern by our AI, is seen to occur repeatedly over the history of the individual stock with very little fluctuations caused by past unexpected events, which means it is likely to repeat itself for the foreseeable future as well. This analysis helps long-term investors find the right time to invest.

Older version of the Long Term Analysis graph on the left and Newer version on the right. According to the Bull-Bear cycle in the new example, for BTC-CAD, the price is expected to see a slow decline over the next 30 days, then stabilizes over the next 2 30-day periods before seeing a massive jump in the prices till 180 days after 17–08–2021, at which point it drops but then stays stable for a very long period of time with very small price drops.

Right now, our AI analyzes 865 stocks & cryptocurrencies daily with more being added every week. Check out the predictions and analysis for BTC-CAD, and other stocks, on for as low as $5/month.

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