Introducing the Smarter Angel Mentor Program

2 min readAug 19, 2021

Smarter Angel is introducing a Mentor Program for professional Stock Traders, accredited Angel Investors, and Partners at Venture Capital firms, anywhere in the world. Mentors registered in the program will be among the first people to try out any updates we make to our AI, and with their feedback, help us improve it through sharing of their knowledge and experience.

Benefits of signing up for the Mentor Program:

1. Each mentor gets FREE access to complete capabilities of the AI for 3 months, even before the general public, and can test out each feature.
2. Each mentor gets to make 50 queries daily to the AI from their account. They can use these queries to get results from our AI and make investments accordingly OR compare it to the results they are getting with any other technique they have access to for investment decision-making.
3. Mentors have a big hand in the future of the Smarter Angel AI’s development, improvement, and validation.

How to apply for the Mentor Program:

1. Signup on with your registered Google id by clicking on the Signup/Login button on top right. This will create your account on our website and sign you up for the Demo plan automatically.
2. Reach out to us on with details of your professional background, by sharing what you do, or even a link to your updated Linkedin profile.
You’re done! We’ll go through the details you sent us and upgrade you to the Mentor plan for 3 months so you can enjoy FREE unrestricted access to our AI within 48 hours!

What else you need to know before applying:

Our team will contact Mentors regularly to get feedback on how they’ve been using our AI. This feedback usually will not take more than a few minutes of your time in a week. Those who miss out on replying to the feedback twice, will be moved back to the Demo plan and will be allowed to use the full features only by upgrading to one of the paid subscriptions, subject to our discretion.



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