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3 min readAug 9, 2021

After 6 months of development and hurdles in launch, the 1st official version of with basic capabilities is now live!

What is Smarter Angel?
An AI platform for investment decision-making through prediction and analysis. Our AI combines vast amounts of data to give you insights into investments that you’ve been missing out on all these years. : Make Smarter Investment Decisions with AI

We use cutting edge AI tools to get the insights into different investment markets. The AI is currently learning to sort through and analyze data of 800+ stocks, 80,000+ crowdfunding campaigns, and 200,000+ startups.

Why you need Smarter Angel:
The last few years have seen an increase in easy investment platforms and apps that allow people to invest in stock market, cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding & crowd-equity platforms. But they don’t necessarily provide any insights into those fields. So most people end up investing and losing money because they rely on suggestions by friends, family, a social media trend, or worst of all, their gut-feeling with no experience.

You’ve probably seen how Venture Capital and Stock Broker firms with access to vasts amounts of market data at their disposal have started using Machine Learning and Algo-trading to make their decision making process better, and wished you could do that too; how Gamestop stocks and DOGE coin rose in early-2021 because of normal people with no experience in stock-market were suddenly able to use apps that make stock buying easier; have seen your investments in crowd funding platforms fail to deliver on their rewards and scam people out of their money but got really cool stuff out of the ones that did deliver; seen the rise of equity investment that allow anyone to invest in a high-risk private company in its early stages to get high returns from their investment; or are new to being an angel investor in startups and want to find out exactly where your investments will get you the kind of returns you are looking for.

You can now avoid all the pitfalls and leverage AI to get an estimate on just how successful an investment in a particular field or company could be without the need of going to your friend, family, an investment banker, a financial advisor, or learning complex mathematics with Smarter Angel.

How accurate is Smarter Angel’s AI?
According to a recent study human experts only have a 58% success rate in identifying which firms will give the best returns, and this value decreases even further with highly volatile investment opportunities. An AI built ONLY for company success prediction, performs much better than a human and has been found to make predictions that are up to 82.2% accurate! But Smarter Angel’s AI doesn’t predict just one thing. It performs multiple analyses and predictions to out-perform any other AI built for a similar purpose and gives results that will help guide your decision. After hundreds of tests, our stock value predictions are found to have only 1~3% error, the crowdfunding analysis is nearly 90% accurate, and the startup analyzer is at 81% accuracy but still improving.

Sign up for a demo version now and try it out!

Some instances of predictions by our AI in last few months: #1, #2, #3, #4



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